I have been using CBD since it was legalized in Texas mid-2019. Going into 2020, my goal was to pass the CPA exam. When the pandemic hit in March, essentially all my plans went out the window.

Looking to be productive with my time, I started contemplating ideas for a new business. From my search, I ended up with all sorts of targeted ads, which helped lead me towards CBD. Since I had already been taking CBD and a believer in its benefits, that seemed like an easy choice to move forward.

But I also had another issue since I had put over five years into accounting via the oil industry, classes to be CPA eligible, plus the review materials for the exams. Do I go with a new challenge of starting my own business or finish my work towards to be a CPA?

Obviously, I chose starting Juvenate CBD. My accounting background helps me understand the financial aspect and make sure I can keep costs down to price my products competitively. Because of these efficiencies, we can offer prices significantly lower than brick & mortar stores and most online stores. Every batch ordered is randomly tested to ensure product quality and consistency, which sets us apart from competitors.

All of our products are made in America and are 2018 Farm Bill compliant.